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Cycle Oregon
Bicycle Tour from Wisconsin to Oregon 2005

 A pannier full of thanks to Sharon who took on my committments to Elmhurst Bicycle ImageClub's Invitational so I could fulfill a dream. To Rich, who encouraged me to do what he knew I could do. To the many women who kept track of my progress saying they felt they were with me. To the countless women I met on the trip who, when they heard I was traveling solo, cheered me on with many "You go girl!"  If you're a crosscountry cyclist this site contains nothing new for you. But both experienced and dreamers alike will be encouraged by this account of a aged, solo, female cyclist's 3,000 mile road trip to Oregon, summer 2005. Waterford Bicycle, Arkel panniers ((Calvin Woodward, an Associated Press writer tells of his trip at http://www.happynews.com/news/12292005/ap-takes-a-backroads-.htm))                



Rich and I signed up to do the Cycle Oregon 7 day ride. I decided to bicycle to the start, Boardman, Oregon and Rich would meet me there Sept. 7th.  From July 10th to Sept 22 I was fortunate to cycle over 3,000 miles of America's northern tier. From southwestern Wisconsin to northwestern Oregon. North on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River. Crossed over the river north of St.Paul, northwest to the Mississippi River headwaters at Lake Itasca. Then west to and through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, the northeast corner of Washington  and across northern Oregon. Using Adventure Cycling Association's Lewis and Clark route maps made the trip easy and more enjoyable. Adventure Cycling route maps have campgrounds, other lodging, bike shops, even the grades you'll climb clearly defined. The Blue lines are ACA routes, the black line is my route from Wilmot,Wis. to Astoria, Or. Image   


After a three day campout and rides on the trails in southwestern Wisconsin, fellow members of Schaumburg Bicycle Club headed back home to Illinois and I headed for the Mississippi River on the ElRoy-Sparta Trail 


                          Image                                 Schaumburg Bicycle Club's annual Invitational benefits advocacy groups and our favorite charity, Union Children's Christmas Fund. ............Join in on the fun this April....................



           Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Copy and paste this link to see slide show album of Summer 2008 tour to Maine.......

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